Since 1944, the Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans) have provided an all - inclusive education for boys of primary school age.  Today this tradition is continued by a highly qualified dedicated staff who provide a safe and caring learning environment from boys from Junior Infants to Sixth form.  Boys who join the school receive an education which emphasises academic progress in addition to the spiritual, sporting and artistic development of each child. 

Otters Swimming club2.JPG

The first ever swimming club in St. Michael's College Junior school started this term and has proven first successful. The students involved in the Otters Swimming Club have trained with great determination and have shown great confidence in all their strokes as the weeks progressed. The team will attend the Willow Cup Gala next Wednesday 29th March. This will be there first competition as a team this year and we wish them all the best in that Gala. We would like to thank the Parent's Association for supplying swim kit for the team, it is greatly appreciated. 

Cricket 2.JPG

This year St. Michael's College Junior School will be represented for the first time by a sixth form team. This is a huge achievement for the school and we look forward to the tournament ahead. We would like to thank Cricket Ireland for the support in setting up a team from the school, and the supply of equipment to make it possible to compete. Good luck to all involved.

Operation transformation.JPG

St. Michael's College Junior School participated in the ten minutes of activity, at ten o clock, on the 10th February in conjunction with Operation Transformation. We participated in this event with the activity of dance which all students had completed over their six week module of dance in P.E. All classes performed their individual class routines for the entire school. Finally, the whole school from pre-school to sixth form, performed their school dance with great successful. Well done to all students for participating with such enthusiasm and pride for activity through dance.