Science Week

Science Week

All of the boys thoroughly enjoyed Science Week. We were extremely grateful to all of the parents who volunteered to come in to our classroom and who were essential in making the week so successful.

We learned a lot, including how the engines of aeroplanes work, about the different organs in the body, as well as focussing on the largest one which is our skin. Did you know that an elephant covers their body in sand/muck to avoid getting sunburnt?

We learned about the centre of gravity and how a tray of eggs can withstand the weight of a first form boy. We also discussed how different chemicals can react differently. For example, try mixing some vinegar and bread soda at home! (Be prepared for some spillage). One of the parents also conducted an experiment with us to show us how different types of metal can change their shape when placed from cold water into warm water. We were also shown how they can be inserted into different parts of our bloodstream.

It was a fantastic week!

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