Fourth Form 2

The boys in 4.2 had great fun using different measuring tools to measure the distance between areas all around the school. We used estimation, rulers and metre sticks, but the tool all the boys enjoyed using the most was the trundle wheel.
The boys in 4.2 were 'lighting it up' with their science experiments on opaque, translucent and transparent materials. We got to experiment with a variety of materials to investigate how much light could pass through different objects.
Art Week 2024
To welcome ourselves back into school after the Christmas break, the boys worked on their math skills by playing Math Bingo. The boys brushed up on their multiplication skills by solving problems and using the answers to mark off their Bingo cards. W
This week the boys presented so many exciting science experiments. Each of the boys learned something new from each other and it was great to see the range of science experiments on show. It was also great to see the love for science each of the boys
This week during Maths Week, the boys took part in so many fun and interactive maths games, problems and quizzes. We read the story 'How Many Jelly Beans?' and estimated that there were 239 jelly beans in the jar that was passed around the school. We
This month, we have been learning all about Ancient Greece, and especially, Greek Mythology. Each of the boys created a slideshow on a Greek myth of their choice and presented it to the rest of the class. The boys did a great job and each of us learn
Thank you to Rowan Kavanagh for organising Leinster Rugby Coach & CRO Joe Carbery to be a special guest coach at 4th Form training on Saturday 25th March. The boys enjoyed a great session.
21 2024
Preschool closes
04 2024
School re-opens
01 2024
Reconciliation Rite
04 2024
Confirmation Ceremony in Merrion Road Church at 12 noon
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