The Marathon Mission

The conclusion of our school marathon mission took place on Wednesday with all students from 1st-6th Form completing their last mile of their marathon.
The Marathon Mission

All students from 1st- 6th Form have been running a mile a day for the last 6 weeks in order to complete 26.2 mile-a marathon distance. Congratulations to all of the students on completing their marathon. On the conclusion of their marathon one student who has dedicated himself to the 6 weeks of running receives the Eamonn Coghlan Perpetual Trophy. We are so thankful to Eamonn to have dedicated this award to our school and running mission.

20 2019
Preschool closes
We learned how to stay safe in the sea and that it is very important to learn how to swim!
We learned that barristers are excellent at using their words and defending people in front of a Judge! They wear a special wig that is made from horse hair and they also have a special suit!
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