Technology in PE

Using iPads in Athletics!
Technology in PE

Over the last number of weeks, the boys have been participating in Athletics during PE, learning about various track and field events such as running, relays and long jump.

This week, students from 3rd to 6th form had added excitement as they had the chance to incorporate technology into their athletics lesson, using iPads to record their long jump technique. In groups, students used slow motion technology to give their peers feedback on what they did well in their jump and also help identify an area to improve on. They also became technical judges as they stationed themselves on the take-off line and by using the slow-mo technology, they could check and see if the jump was fair or a foul as the jumpers crossed the line.

Everyone had great fun as they got the chance to learn from their peers and engage in different roles. They are looking forward to using technology more during different elements of PE as the year goes on.

07 2021
Gifts of Food at the Crib
15 2021
Carol Singing in Front of St. Michael's House
16 2021
Carol Singing in Front of St. Michael's House
17 2021
This week, we had the school Christmas plays for First, Second and both Third Forms. They each were excellently performed. Many congratulations to the boys, their teachers and all who helped out.
The boys in 6.1 had a great time investigating whether different foods were a source of the carbohydrate starch or not.
Thug buachaill ó 6.2 (agus ón gCoiste Scoileanna Glasa) leideanna don rang ar conas is féidir linn a bheith níos glasa. Labhair sé go han-maith do gach duine.
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