Goals to Attain

Through generous donations and pledges to St Michael's College we continually strive to complete our Building on Success development programme. We hope to achieve the remaining projects with your support as soon as possible:

  • Complete redevelopment of the swimming pool, which is a much needed facility, particularly for the physical education of our boys.
  • Further and ongoing enhancement of our IT facilities.
  • Continuous upgrading of our science facilities.

There are many more improvements to be made to St Michael's College and through consultation with our community we will strive to provide the best facilities possible going forward. Development is an ongoing process – by working together we will all ensure that St Michael's boys now and in the future receive the best education they can before venturing into the world…

JS Playground and All-weather pitch at dusk - Dec 2016.jpg

20 2019
Preschool closes
We learned how to stay safe in the sea and that it is very important to learn how to swim!
We learned that barristers are excellent at using their words and defending people in front of a Judge! They wear a special wig that is made from horse hair and they also have a special suit!
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