Sixth Form 1

It was really lovely to be able to welcome the boys back to school this week. They made a great effort for our Lá Glas and really enjoyed our art session!
Welcome back to the 6.1 Blog! Although we don't have any live photographs, you can be sure that the boys are making a huge effort while working at home. I have been thoroughly impressed. Well done boys!
We had a really enjoyable last day in school. There were a mix of games including table tennis, darts and make-believe! What a great start to the holidays!
The poor weather didn't stop any of the boys from running for charity or from having a lot of fun while doing so.
Congratulations to all of the boys on their effort in this year's Christmas Art competition.
I was blown away by the effort that the boys put in to complete their Christmas dioramas. The photos speak for themselves.
The boys and their families made a huge contribution towards our school collection of food for the poor. Well done on all of your generosity boys!
We've tried our best to make our classroom a little bit more festive by using our own ornaments and by making colourful artwork. The boys worked excellently on their artwork.
On Monday we sat together with Ms Heslin. We discussed the season of Advent and Jacob proceeded by lighting the first candle of the Advent wreath. It was a really lovely morning!
We are extremely grateful for our new classroom! There was great excitement on moving day and the boys love their new space.
The boys had a great time presenting their experiments and presentations. Everyone made a fantastic effort!
Today we had loads of fun learning about the separation of liquids in lava lamps, the chemical reactions that take place when mixing certain liquids and how air pressure can counteract gravity.
The boys in 6.1 had great fun experimenting with how sound travels using cups and string. We even went as far as making a phone with three receivers!
The boys found out just how complex it can be to design a stable bridge. As you can see we had some lovely designs and all of the bridges were able to hold the weight of a candle!
In art this week we were learning about an American artist named Wayne Thiebaud. The boys made an excellent attempt at using his techniques and we were delighted with the outcome!
Congratulations to all of the boys for their hard work on their projects!
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