Third Form 2

Happy Halloween from all of 3.2! Amazing costumes worn and made. We had a brilliant day to start the midterm!
So far this year, we have been learning about Our Area, Ancient Egypt and The Stone Age in SESE. The boys created projects on one of those topics using PowerPoint or on poster paper. The boys have created fantastic projects and we have all learned so
Today the boys had a great time at a Drama Workshop, where they had to try and stay as still as they could, or act like a colour!! They were very creative and imaginative in making their freeze frames.
The boys have created Halloween themed art this month. They used paint and materials to create their Haunted Houses and clay to make their Halloween Monsters. Amazing artists the boys are becoming!
The boys really enjoyed Maths Week. They took part in many activities, such as the Maths Olympiad Quiz, Times Tables Rock Stars and of course fun games on the laptops. They enjoyed playing with their friends in 3.1 and in 3.2!
We have been busy doing lots of Art this month. An tOchtapas where the boys created their own unique octopus. As part of Friendship Week, we looked at Acrostic Poems and the boys created an acrostic poem with the word Friend, using different words to
On the 13th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl day where some dressed up as their favourite character or tasty treat from their favourite Roald Dahl book, and we also started our class novel 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
At the beginning of the year, the boys used spaghetti and marshmallows to construct different structures. Working together, they created different shapes, heights and more while having a lot of fun!
12 2023
Gifts for the Less Fortunate
14 2023
Outing to The Helix Pantomime, ?Treasure Island?, for all classes including Preschool.
18 2023
Carol Singing by 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Forms in the Assembly Hall from 10.30am ? 12noon. Proceeds in aid of St. Vincent de Paul.
19 2023
Carol Singing by Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 4th & 6th Forms in the Assembly Hall from 10.30am ? 12 noon. Proceeds in aid of St. Vincent de Paul
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